SW France Camping Tour 2014 & Penultimate Stage of the TDF

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SW France Camping Tour 2014 & Penultimate Stage of the TDF

Postby hillspecial » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:18 pm

Companions sought SW France Camping Tour 2014 & Penultimate Stage of the TDF

An approximate start date of Wednesday 23rd or Thursday 24th July 2014, return flights to Bergerac or Bordeaux. :D

The bike bus does not quite fit in with TDF stage and takes longer. Flights with bags, bikes , taxes, online check in etc etc etc work out around £300 return, {Manchester / Liverpool, often a little less from London / South Coast airports , see sky-scanner etc} depending on dates / routes and airline - so just a little more than the bike bus. :?

Would then be able to watch the penultimate TDF stage {TT} with the start in Bergerac. 8)

http://www.letour.com/le-tour/2014/us/stage-20.html Sat 26th July

See Travellers' Tales: A Yarn in Provence. CTC Cycle magazine, May - June 2013 edition . Page 81 for a similar tour in 2012, but Toulouse to Nice.

Canoeing in the Dordogne http://www.canoe-france.com/en/dordogne/index.php :P

50 to 60 miles per day - flexible, cycling, canoeing, sightseeing sampling wine , beer and food etc. :lol:

Two possible routes {click on the links to go to Google maps}

http://goo.gl/maps/lHZNH Dordogne and Lot valleys –

Less than 500 miles, or circa 600 with Albi etc, plus day rides

or a longer route, but could take a train from the eastern Dordogne to the foot of the Aspin or Tourmalet.

http://goo.gl/maps/qzkn4 Dordogne and Pyrenees.

So cycle around Dordogne, do some canoeing and sight seeing, then train to the Western Pyrenees, rides over some of the big passes; Aspin and Tourmalet etc, possible cablecar to the Biggore, then through the Pyrenees to Biarritz and North along the Atlantic coast to Bordeaux and the flight back to the UK? :arrow:

The train from Dordogne to Pyrenees via Toulouse would save around 200 miles, so more time for sight seeing , also keeps the over all mileage down - costs about £25. :roll:

PM ‘HillSpecial’ {North West England based. }

Or e-mail hillspecial@rocketmail.com

Some links below for just a few of places of interest in SW France.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pau,_Pyr%C ... tlantiques

See CTC Cycle Magazine page 81, May June 2013, for a similar tour in 2012.
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